Frequently Asked Questions

Local Moving (Less Than 40 miles)

What’s included with my move?

All local moves include the following service:

  1.  Two-Movers (more available if necessary)
  2. Moving Truck(s) (up to 26′)
  3. Moving Dollies
  4. Moving Pads & Shrink Wrap
  5. Basic Tools (disassembly/assembly)

What’s not included with my move?

The following services are not included/accounted for unless explicitly notified:

  1.  Packing individual items into boxes for you (full-service packing).
  2. Packing materials and/or supplies.
  3. Hardwood floor or carpet protection.
  4. Bulky Items (pianos, gun safes, etc.).
  5. Additional stops to dispose/recycle unwanted items.

How much will my move cost?

Moving costs for “local moves” are charged hourly. We recommend being as detailed as possible when describing the items being moved so we can attribute an accurate time estimate to your move. Factors such as inaccurate inventories, long walks, flights of stairs/elevators, packing, and inclement weather are some of the factors that can cause moving times to increase.

All estimates provided by Campus Concepts are non-binding. Total moving costs are based on the final time required to complete your move. An on-site estimae is recommend for large homes or any move that requires an extensive amount of packing.

Are these professional movers or students?

Despite our name, all of our movers are full-time employees with Campus Concepts. They are trained to move full-size, residential homes. We do not hire temporary workers as a way to ensure a consistent, high level of service for our customers.

What items can you not move?

Typically due to regulatory reasons, we cannot move the following items:

  •  Hazardous Materials
  •  Flammable Materials
  •  Live Plants
  •  Construction or raw materials
  •  Perishable goods

Do I have to remove items from drawers or can you move them as-is?

Our recommendation is always to remove the contents of any item being moved. This is because small contents can slip through openings in the drawers. Additionally, filled drawers add weight, making it more difficult to move. If we have to first remove drawers to reduce weight, this will add time to your move.

Is a box required to move specific items?

Yes and No.

Yes: In order for Campus Concepts to be liable (relative to the coverage elected), certain items must be boxed. These items include, but are not limited to: TVs, mirrors, artwork, glass inserts/tabletops, and any other breakable item.

No: We are able to move these items as-is, but a waiver of liability must be completed before they are moved by Campus Concepts.

What happens if an item gets damaged or breaks?

Our movers are trained effectively to lower the likelihood of damage occurring, but accidents can happen. Repair, reimbursement or replacement is based on the coverage elected prior to your move beginning (released liability, partial coverage or full-valuation). Please contact our office within 15 days so we can instruct you on the next steps that are required to process a claim, if eligible. We typically require pictures of the damaged area and a picture of the item in its entirety.

Please Note: Campus Concepts does not cover pressed board/imitation wood furniture or the contents of boxes packed by customers, regardless of the elected coverage.

Can the movers remove their shoes when entering my home throughout the move?

Due to OSHA regulations, our movers shoes must remain on for the entirety of your move for safety reasons. Both carpet protection and hardwood floor protection is available to help protect againt any diry or damage that may occur to your floors as a result of this. Please ask one of our relocation specialists about these add-ons if interested.