Frequently Asked Questions

Long Distance Moving (40+ miles & Interstate)

Are my items moved with other customers?

Our long distance moving services always include “exclusive use” of our moving truck. We never combine truckloads with other customers belongings.

When will my belongings arrive?

This depends on how far away you are moving. Our delivery timeline generally ranges from same-day to 3 days from pickup. Because we never combine truckloads, we are generally able to get on the road to your destination address immediately after loading is completed.

Are there different types of long distance moves?

Yes, there are two different types of Long Distance moves.

Intra-State: Intrastate moves are any move that travels more than 40 miles between the origin and destination addresses, but remains within the state of Michigan.

Inter-State: Interstate moves are any moves that cross state lines.

How are inter-state moves priced?

There are several factors that determine how much your next interstate move will cost. These factors are primarily determined by shipment weight and distance travelled. However, other factors can contribute to total moving costs. Please contact a relocation specialist to gather more detailed information.

How are intra-state moves priced?

Intra-state moves are moves within the state of Michigan that are more than 40 miles between the origin and destination addresses. Moving rates are determined and published by the Michigna Movers Association, Campus Concepts is not allowed to dictate the moving prices. Like inter-state moves, these rates are primarily determined by weight and distance. Although, stairs, long walks, elevators, packing, packing materials, bulky items, etc. can all affect total moving costs.

We recommend either filling out our detailed quote form or scheduling a free on-site estimate to generate the most accurate move.

I was quoted at $500 less for my intra-state move from another company…

Large variations in pricing for intra-state moves should be an immediate “red flag” for any prospective customer. Because the rate system is dictated by the state of Michigan, there should only ever be slight variations in estimates company-to-company. A company offering an extremely low estimate may not be in compliance with all of the moving laws and regulations which could lead to a catastrophic end result if anything were to go wrong during your move.

You mentioned shipment weight, how is that estimated and how is the truck weighed?

Calculating Shipment Weight: We use software that calculates estimated weight based on the items/quantities of items being moved. This is why providing an accurate estimate is so important as omissions can result in price differences come moving day.

Truck Weight: Prior to arriving at your origin address, our truck is weighed emtpy at a certified truck weigh station. Once your belongings are loaded and all (if any) additional stops have been loaded onto the truck, our truck is re-weighed before arriving at your destination address. The re-weigh, minus the original weigh equals the exact cargo weight of your shipment