Ship Your Boxes Home

Outbound Shipping

Shipping from UofM to your Home

Simply Label
Boxes To Be Shipped
Shipped Via FedEx
Delivered within 5-10 days of pickup date (based on location)
$100 Insurance Included
Per Box

*Boxes weighing more than 70lbs cannot be shipped via FedEx. Contents will need to be split and repackaged. Additional charges apply.

*Duffel bags and suitcases can be shipped, however FedEx adds an additional fee for items that are not boxed.

Shipping Zones


Shipping Rates

Please Note: Additional charges apply for boxes weighing 50 – 70lbs


Shipping Zone Small Box
Large Box
XL Box
Zone 1 $44 $53 $132
Zone 2 $50 $58 $142
Zone 3 $56 $78 $152
Zone 4 $72 $85 $162
Zone 5 $93 $115 $172