Frequently Asked Questions

Student Storage

I’m using your storage service, how many boxes should I order?

A typical storage quantity for students is:

  •   1 Book Box
  •   4 College Boxes
  •   1 Jumbo Box
  •   1 Wardrobe Box
  •   2 Tape Rolls
  •   1  Bubble Wrap Roll

The first supply delivery is included, so we always recommend ordering a box or two extra than what you think is needed. As long as you use the delivered boxes for storage, they are always included.

How do I schedule the supply delivery?

Once you schedule the final pickup date for your storage, a confirmation email wil follow shortly. In that confirmation email is a link to “schedule your supply delivery.” Please click this link and follow the instructions to schedule a seprate appointment to receive your supplies. You can always schedule this over the phone as well.

How does it work if I want to ship boxes home?

If booking by phone, let one of our representatives know. If booking online click the “shipping service” add on button when scheduling your storage pickup.

Our moving boxes have checkboxes printed directly on them for you to mark whether the box will be “stored” or “shipped.” We also encourage writing your shipping address directly on the box as another way to verify that’s in fact the box you want shipped home. Any boxes marked for “shipping” are picked up from our facility every Monday and Thursday. Depending on your geographic location, your boxes should arrive in 2-5 business days after they’re picked up.

How does payment work for student storage?

When scheduling a pickup, a valid credit card is kept on file. At pickup, our movers will calculate your bill based on the final quantity of items stored. Bills must be paid in full at the time of pickup. You may elect to use the card on file or pay with a new credit/debit card.

All storage is audited when it’s returned to our warehouse. Campus Concepts has 10 days to correct any inventory errors or omissions and we will charge or credit your card accordingly.

I’m a parent and I can’t make it to Ann Arbor to pack up my son/daughter, can you pack up their room?

Yes! Our packing service is available to students. This service will handle packing clothing, TVs, fragiles, and misc. items to name a fiew. If you elect to us pack then there’s no need to schedule a supply delivery. On the day of your son/daughters storage pickup, our movers will arrive with supplies and will take care of everything.

This service is $115/hr with a 1-hour minimum. Typically, 1-hour is all that’s required for two movers to pack up a student.

I graduated and I’m moving to another state, but I haven’t finalized my housing situation yet. What are my options?

We get asked this every summer and we’re here to help. Any of our services can be combined to make your move as convenient as possible. We can store your belongings for however long you need. Once you have your new housing firmed up, your storage boxes can be shipped to wherever you are in the. If you stored large furniture with us, we are a licensed interstate moving company and can transport your belongings in one of our moving trucks.

Call to speak with one of our relocation specialists for more details.

How do I schedule my storage to be delivered back?

We start sending reminder emails in July to schedule your storage delivery either by phone or online. It’s as simple as clicking the link or giving us a call to collect a delivery date, time and your new address.

If you’re moving into select Sororities and high-rise buildings, we are granted permission to deliver your belongings prior to the official move in date. This way, your belongings are already waiting for you in your room upon arrival. All rooms are locked behind us once early-delivery is completed.

Are any items prohibited from being stored?

Yes, we do not accept the following types of items for storage:

  • Hazardous or Flammable Materials
  • Illegal Items
  • Perishable Goods
  • Liquids or Chemicals

If any damage were to occur to your belongings are another customer’s as a result of storing a prohibited item, the customer who is responsible for storing such items will be held financially accountable for any and all damages.

Do you only service students?

Despite what our name may imply, we serve everyone! In our early years we did focus more so on student jobs, however we are now primarily a residential moving company. We hire and train our employees for large scale residential moves. Our moving and storage services are available for residential, office and student customers.